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The Right Stuff

Designing a room to suit my aesthetic vision means hours and hours of research to find just the right pieces. An interior that a previous owner created might look dated or doesn’t work or needs a total update. Interior design trends come and go, so choosing furniture with classic lines can make a lot of sense. 

Recent events have led to most of us spending much more time at home. The ideal sofa from my perspective, should be ultra-comfortable and invite you to curl up and read a good book, binge-watch a series, or settle in and work from home. In my case, the sofa may be where Frankie, my French bulldog, has chosen for one of his daily naps. Should I shoo him off? 

The Quest

Once I find the right sofa– which can take days or even weeks, the ideas for creating the rest of the design come alive. One of the fun parts of designing your own home spaces is the quest. With the online resources where I can look at pro design concepts, the search is one of the parts of the process I enjoy the most.

One of the recent design trends that appeals to me is to combine the old with the new. Antique pieces added to my design add a bit more character to the room. Some of us have inherited pieces from a relative, whether a work of art, a chair, a corner table, or chest, or seek out those unique pieces online or in person.

When I decide it is time for a room refresh, new accent pieces like pillows and throws, live plants, or a fresh vase of flowers can create an appealing aesthetic and a more inviting feel to a room. Room design is a never-ending process, with changes made along the way, with no final destination, as ideas and tastes change over time.

Light it Up

The lighting makes a massive difference in the vibe of a room. That one lamp, placed next to the perfect comfortable chair can transform a corner into the ideal place to read. Whether you like modern, traditional, industrial, country French, Zen, modern, Boho, or a beachy style, carefully chosen lighting makes all the difference.

Technology for Interior Design

Designing a room has become much more fun with technology. Designer apps allow you to virtually create a space so you can visualize it before you commit. Some of the most acclaimed interior designers offer tips and looking at various ideas on Pinterest inspires the creative process. 


If you need changes to the room before you start, get the names of trusted contractors from your friends or associates, and get three quotes – it’s surprising how much the prices for work can vary, and why pay more, as long as you can trust in the quality of the work. One of the biggest complaints is getting a contractor to arrive as promised, and a personal recommendation from another customer is so critical, whether to paint or for another job.

The ideal room design is lasting, with the ability to change it up when you feel the need and delivers comfort in every space. I am creating it for the people I care about, so that is the force that drives me.




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