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My Frenchie, Frankie – Small Body, Big Personality

Frankie, my French bulldog, is small in stature, but he has a bigger-than-life personality. French bulldogs are known for being friendly and are bred to be companion dogs. Frankie is one of my best friends. He has a playful personality and loves to cuddle with me during one of his many naps of the day. 

French bulldogs are known for having deep devotion to their owners, and Frankie is no exception – his entire body goes into convulsions of joy whenever I come in the door. These dogs are also known for making weird noises, including snoring, farting, wheezing, and snorting, not all of which are endearing, so I watch his diet closely! 

French bulldogs have sensitive digestive systems, as the flattened face of the breed causes them to swallow air as they gobble down food. Just like humans, Frenchies can be lactose intolerant and shouldn’t eat dairy, fermentable foods, spicy foods, or many carbohydrates, no matter how much they want a taste! These dogs (like most dogs) almost inhale their food, swallowing it in gulps, and slowing it down can keep their tummies happier. 

Frankie is very energetic, and just like all animals, he needs exercise to maintain his trim figure. As he is a little guy with short legs, walks are not long, but he enjoys every second of his outdoor time, sniffing, walking, stopping, and meeting other dogs and the friends he makes in the neighborhood. As long as Frankie is treated like a prince, eats a strict diet, and is given love in abundance, he is happy, energetic, and always affectionate. 

What is a “Brachycephalic Breed?”

Bulldogs, and French bulldogs specifically, are called a brachycephalic breed – which means “short-headed.” The cute, flat skull shape is believed to have begun with a genetic mutation, which people found adorable. The cute, puppy-like face has been rigorously bred into French Bulldogs over the years. 

The History of Dog Breeding

Dogs have served humankind forever, alerting settlements to intruders, catching, and eating rats and other vermin, and providing warmth and comfort during the winter months. It is believed that dogs were originally bred to have the loudest bark to alert their owners of invaders. Dog breeding, as is done today, started in the 19th century. The original categories were just three: hunting dog, herding dog, and lap dog. Breeding was later expanded into bloodlines and specific breeds. There are now more than 400 recognized breeds of dogs exhibited at dog shows and a range of other dog-related events. Every breed exhibits significant differences in personality and is unique in intelligence. Frankie is a genuine original, smart, friendly, and funny.

For Frankie, it’s all about Games.

Frankie, like other French bulldogs, loves a good game. A tug-of-war with a toy, a game of fetch, or hide-and-seek – he’s always ready to give it his all when it is time to play a game. We have a real relationship – I keep him happy, and he keeps me happy, the perfect friendship! 

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