Modern Can Be Cozy

Modern interior design, whether mid-century, transitional, eclectic, or contemporary, can be warmed by adding natural elements. Interior design trends are constantly changing, but one thing never changes – your home should be comfortable, a sanctuary where you can restore and rejuvenate. Sleek, minimalist décor has a sophisticated look, but may appear cold and uninviting. Bringing the warmth back to a modern room is often referred to as “organic modernism.” 

What is Organic Modernism? 

Organic modern design is a combination of the clean, architectural lines of modernism, with organic elements in fibers, colors, and materials. Rustic handmade pieces in wood, wool, silk, cotton, or linen added to a modern space can make it more inviting. A reclaimed wooden coffee table with a rough, worn texture, or handwoven throws, pillows, handcrafted pottery or lamps, jute rugs, or potted plants are an affordable way to create a warmer, cozier environment. You may want to consider combining the sophisticated lines of modernism with the warmth of natural elements. 

Cozy is a Feeling, not a Style.

A cozy room design that invites you to relax, curl up with a book, or snuggle with a loved one, child, or pet. There are no limits or rules as to how you create that feeling in your home. A soft, textured rug, soft seating options, floor to ceiling bookshelves, an antique piece, or a chair covered in fluffy sheepskin – select the pieces that appeal to your aesthetic eye. A cozy space is visually appealing and functional, created to inspire a sensation of warmth and comfort, whether you love modern farmhouse, minimalist, contemporary, traditional, mid-century modern, boho, rustic, French country, Scandinavian, beach, industrial, eclectic, Zen, or urban modern. You are the artist behind how you create a room, and your design aesthetic may not fit any category other than your own.

Master Your Room Design with Technology

Some people seem to be born with a natural eye for design, and others find it difficult. Work with a friend who has a beautifully designed home to help you create the space you love. You can find endless ideas online for inspiration, and free online room design apps that allow you to create a space. If you are considering a fresh look for your home, the resources available online make room design a fun task. Before you splurge on furniture, you view how it would look in a room, and read online reviews before you invest. As you will be living with your choices for years, it is well worth spending the time.

What the Danish Call Hygge: Coziness

The Danish people have a concept, “hygge.” The word does not translate well to English, as it refers to both coziness and togetherness, and the enjoyment of the simple pleasures of life. Nothing is cozier than spending an evening with friends, discussing subjects you care about, in a space that inspires a feeling of togetherness and warmth. However you create hygge in your home, a cozy space invites conversation – and communication with friends and family makes life sweeter all around.

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