About Ariel Emrani



I’m Ariel Emrani and this is my personal blog. 

The blog is a place for me to share my ideas and experiences about a wide variety of topics – interior design, my dog, my family, my travels, and any other interesting items or events that pique my interest.

I live in Oregon, and I love the area. So, I write about my home and surroundings.  Because I also have a deep passion for the environment, you’ll find my musings on that in the blog too.

My French Bulldog Frankie brings a lot of joy in my life and is my constant companion. He will definitely be the star of this show. Everyday he delights me with his antics.

I send a fair amount of time away from home traveling to fun and interesting places. As I am an avid photographer, I post pictures and facts about the places I go. I often visit museums, art galleries, and interesting places.

I invite you to come along on my journey and share the fun and enjoyment of my experiences.