Ariel Emrani

A Dog State of Mind

Most dogs don’t have bad moods. If they are provided with the food they like, playtime, time to snuggle with you, and a daily walk, they are generally in an outstanding mood. However, they do notice if you are sad, upset, or depressed, and will do all they can to soothe you, cuddling, licking, with genuine concern.

Humans may feel more empathy for and with dogs than with other people! A dog doesn’t judge you, criticize you, or try to change your personality or habits – they are just there, providing companionship and support, every day. A dog in your life can even improve your health – a Swedish study of 3.4 million people found that owning a dog reduced the risk of cardiovascular death by 33 percent. Wow. 

Having a pet has been found to raise the levels of oxytocin, called a “bonding” hormone, in your body. This hormone triggers the bond between mother and baby – and human and dog. It lowers your heart rate and reduces the risk of heart disease and reduces loneliness and depression. Some business owners allow dogs to be present at work, a cheery situation for everyone. Recent research has uncovered an interesting fact – those with a strong affection for a pet also have more concern for the natural world overall. 

Dog Superpowers

Dogs have an incredible ability to enjoy the simple pleasures, and we can learn from that. A walk gives them intense pleasure. While we may not have the olfactory (sense of smell) of a dog, there is something to be said for enjoying the environment, the scent of flowers and fresh-cut lawns, and other sensations, including cold, warmth, physical activity, and conversations or sharing a “hello,” with the neighbors you meet along the way. 

Loyalty, and Unconditional Love: The Dog Way of Life

Dogs are some of the most loyal animals on earth. They love you for yourself, and do not judge, criticize, or expect you to change. As they are focused on just a few important things – eating, sleeping, and playing – they have plenty of time left to spend paying attention to you. Keeping them happy is easy, as a dog won’t make special demands on you, if you feed them, pet them, and spend some time with them. 

Companion Dogs

Companion dogs the “man’s best friend” seriously. They are happiest when they are with you and will follow you wherever you go. Some dog breeds are known as companion dogs, including French bulldogs, like my little Frankie. These dogs are known for being even tempered, calm, and relaxed. He may, from time to time, act crazy, running in mad circles with excitement, but generally he takes life as it comes. 

Life, even at its toughest moments, can be made just a little more positive with some dog love. A dog state of mind is showing gratitude, enthusiasm for the simple pleasures of life, and unconditional love. Why not learn from our creatures?

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